Tuesday, November 16, 2010

15x15 Update

I've made some progress with my 15x15 shaft.

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As you can see, there is an endless water spawn located down there. I have decided to keep it because it allows me to jump down from the top without hurting/killing myself.

Though a pig did push me over the edge once and I died. Also a Creeper took out a good chuck of my ladder on the bottom right hand side - but its all good. ;)


  1. It might look like its shorter than it was before - but that is only so I can fit the bottom in when I take the screenshot. There is a good 20 or so blocks above the top row of torches there ;)

  2. Great post. waiting for more updates

  3. Still haven't hit bedrock nor lava in the shaft itself. I have in the caverns attached, but no the actual shaft... hmmm...

  4. I hope you went back and killed the pig when you respawned. :P

  5. You're damn right I slaughtered that pig.

    Cooked and ate the meat immediately just on principle.