Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There's Gold in dem dere mountains! (erm... caves)

So I struck gold today. I was mining in one of my other caverns (not the mine shafts I spoke of earlier) and I found me some gold. :)

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Now gold is a rather rare commodody in Minecraft, and is mostly used for cosmetic purposes. Gold tools are actually no better than wooden ones.


  1. Wooooo sweet gooooooooollld.

  2. Screw tools. make a gold house... to store you precious mined gold in...

  3. I agree with Fum, make a gold house!

  4. Gold house ftw! but seriously save the stuff man, if it's valuable, the horde it.

  5. It takes 9 gold ingots to get a gold block, I would need quite a sizable amount of blocks to make a gold house... but I'll see what I can do. Results will come after I find some more, keep checking ;)